Natural Disaster Funding for Roads

Due to the exceptional wet weather and flooding over several months, Narromine Shire Council have had to reschedule their programmed road works.

When the roads were built quite a few years ago, Council did not anticipate the weights they have on the roads today and the roads are starting to deteriorate as a result, especially with the unprecedented wet weather experienced.

Council is attempting to do emergency repairs on roads deemed unsafe, but these works can only continue while drier weather permits and funding is available.

Narromine Shire has been declared a Natural Disaster area for June 2016 and has received a one off preliminary grant of $500,000 to be distributed as Council deems fit at its November Council Meeting.

Council has received notification from the State Government that the July and August 2016 events have also been declared a Natural Disaster. Council is currently assessing the roads affected as they become trafficable to finalise a claim for these events.

While awaiting this outcome, Council will continue to utilise maintenance funding which is budgeted at $700, 000 for local roads for this financial year and a gravel re-sheet budget of $313, 635.

Roads are maintained in accordance with the Council’s adopted Roads Hierarchy. This allows certain roads to receive annual maintenance or 3 yearly maintenance, depending upon the category of road.

In order to commence road maintenance, Council roads need to be able to accommodate heavy plant. Although roads may appear dry on the surface, many roads remain water logged and require drying out in order to accommodate heavy plant to commence or recommence works.

Council’s adopted Roads Hierarchy has been successful as the higher level roads that are identified as links throughout the Shire, have been upgraded to enable them to withstand the current condition and they have held up well despite the exceptional rainfall received over the last few months. For example, Strathallyn Lane, Waterloo Road and Mungeribar Lane.

As roads and worksites have become accessible, Council have been repairing and ensuring roads are safe for public use; this will be an ongoing and lengthy process.

Full maintenance and re-sheeting of roads will be reprogrammed once weather and road conditions improve. Council will endeavour to expedite necessary repairs in preparation for the harvest season, with priority placed on arterial links, to enable movement of grain and machinery.

Council’s regular maintenance and capital works program will recommence once emergency repairs are finalized and flood effected monies are expended as outlined.

Council is aware of which roads are frequented during harvest time with heavy loads and these are roads that will be given priority, pending road crew risk assessments and most importantly ensuring the safety of the public.

Council endeavours to safeguard the community and Council roads however is willing to work alongside the community members of Narromine Shire in accommodating their needs as best as possible.

Council advises that concessions for road usage load limits are possible, on request for urgent transport activity along Council routes considered suitable to carry the proposed loading.

Please contact Council's Infrastructure and Engineering Services department on 02 6889 9999 to discuss requirements for a concession.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Rest assured that Council will be doing everything in its power with road repairs to ensure the rural community is able to undertake the harvest in a timely manner.

Media Contact: Jane Redden – General Manager   

T: 02 6889 9999

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