Declared Noxious Weeds

Narromine shire has twelve (12) declared Class 4 and one (1) Class 5.

Class 4 – African Boxthorn, Alligator Weed, Bathurst Burr, Blackberry, Blue Heliotrope, Dodder, Harrisia Cactus, Galvanised Burr, Prickly Pear, Silverleaf Nightshade, Spiny Burr Grass, St John’s Wort

Class 5 – Athel Pine

Macquarie Valley Noxious Weeds Advisory Committee runs Weeds Advisory Committees, which includes details of the different classes of problem weeds in the Shire.

The following provide information on how to identify the various declared Noxious plants.

Tropical Soda Apple

Alligator Weed & Water Hyacinth

Serrated Tussock

Harrisia, Tiger Pear & Hudson Pear

Mimosa Bush


Green Cestrum