Narromine Shire Drought Community Program

Narromine Shire Drought Community Program

Applications close 5.00pm, Friday, 15 February 2019.

On 19 August 2018, the Australian Government announced it would boost the Drought Communities Program by $75 million and provide initial support of $1 million to 60 eligible councils in 2018-19 to support local infrastructure and other projects for communities and businesses who have been impacted by drought.

Narromine Shire Council has set aside $110,000 of its allocation for community groups and organisations to apply for funds of up to $20,000 to undertake capital works projects associated with their organisation.

Examples might include:

The objective of the Drought Communities Program is to deliver benefits in Declared Council areas, by supporting investment in local infrastructure initiatives. Funding will be targeted at infrastructure projects that provide employment for people whose work opportunities have been impacted by drought; stimulate local community spending; use local resources, businesses and suppliers; and/or provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries on which they depend.

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