Council health challenge puts staff miles ahead with their health

“Council health challenge puts staff miles ahead with their health”

As part of Narromine Shire Council’s commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, the staff of Narromine Shire Council have just completed an 8 week health challenge. The challenge commenced on 06 July 2017 and concluded on 30 August 2017.
The health challenge, conducted in conjunction with Marathon Health, comprised two components: a pedometer challenge between staff groups to determine which team was the most active. The second component was a weight loss challenge between indoor staff versus outdoor staff.
The weight loss challenge was undertaken with professional support from Marathon Health’s Dietician Rachelle Lee and Exercise Physiologist Rebecca Armstrong. Rachelle and Rebecca reported an obvious increase in fruit and vegetable intake across the workplace as well as a big increase in planned physical activity. At the commencement of the challenge, the combined planned physical activity was approximately 362 minutes per week. At the conclusion of the challenge this had increased to 588 minutes per week, a massive increase of 226 minutes per week.
Over the duration of the challenge a total of 30.8kgs weight loss and reduction in waist measurement of 77.5cms was achieved. Outdoor Staff were the team to beat, taking out the challenge shield, with a total loss of 19.4kgs and 50cms waist measurement reduction. The waist measurement reduction overall was a great achievement as it is a major contributing factor towards reducing risk of heart disease, type two diabetes and stroke.
During the challenge staff walked approximately 30,716kms which is the approximate equivalent of walking from Narromine to the Gold Coast and return 15 times!
The commitment and dedication that staff showed to this challenge and their health is commendable. Participants were surveyed for their feedback at the conclusion of the challenge. 98% of respondents said they would continue to be aware of their
movement and use the information gained from the education talks after the challenge.
General Manager Jane Redden commended the staff for their enthusiasm and commitment in embracing the challenge and improving their awareness of their general health.

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