How to use the new food and garden waste bin

July 1 will see the start of a new era in waste management in the Narromine Shire Council Area with the introduction of a new Food and Garden Waste Service.

Residents who have received the new lime-green lidded bin and kitchen caddy will be able to dispose of their food scraps and organic garden waste in a much more environmentally-friendly way.

As part of the service, Council has supplied a new 240L lime-green lidded bin, kitchen caddy and roll of compostable liners to help residents divert their organic waste away from landfill.

Despite some residents practicing home composting, a recent survey of the general waste bin has shown 59% of the bin is still made up of organic waste from gardens and food scraps.

These materials currently go to landfill which is limited and costly to operate. Organic waste including all food scraps, lawn clippings, pizza boxes and branches will now be collected and turned into compost as part of the food and garden waste service.

Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager, Jane Redden said “Things that can go in the Food and Garden Waste bin include raw and cooked food scraps, meat, pizza boxes, tissues and paper towel, weeds, branches and the provided bin liners”

“Getting it right in the kitchen is a big part of making the new service a success.”

“Council has committed to providing compostable kitchen caddy liners as an ongoing part of the service and will be available to residents for free”.

“When residents run low on liners, they can contact council for another roll to be delivered”.

“The caddy liners provided are actually made of corn-starch which break down in the composting process. This makes it easier and more convenient for residents to put their food waste into the lime-green lidded bin” she said.

The kitchen caddy can be lined with newspaper or the Council provided liners only. Both “degradable” or “biodegradable” bags are unable to be used as they still contain some amount of plastic and will not break down naturally like the Council provided liners.

The green waste will be processed through a regional high-tech composting facility that has been constructed at Dubbo. The resulting compost will be Australian Standards certified and available in early 2019 to farms, parks and gardens, commercial markets and residents.

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