Level 3 water restrictions implemented in Narromine

Narromine Shire Council is calling on residents to reduce water use and advising that Level 3 water restrictions now apply from 2 January 2019.

Water levels in Council bores have not recovered sufficiently due to the below average rainfall received over recent years. As a result of this, the yield of Council bores has decreased and therefore cannot sustain the current demands placed on the Narromine drinking water system.

Due to the current heatwave conditions forecast to continue and the increased consumption of water, Council is required to impose Level 3 Water Restrictions, in accordance with the ‘odds and evens’ scheme for the town of Narromine only. No water restrictions are currently in place for Trangie or Tomingley.

The ‘odds and evens’ scheme refers to house numbers and the date enabling residents to water every second day. If your house number is an even number, you are able to water on even dates e.g. 2nd, 4th, 6th of the month. If your house number is odd, you are able to water on odd dates, e.g. 1st, 3rd, 5th of the month.

Water restrictions apply to all water users in Narromine including residents, visitors and businesses who receive water from Council’s pressurised reticulation network. Clause 137 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 allows for restrictions to be imposed if Council deems it necessary.

“These measures are essential to reduce the demand for treated water in order to improve water quality for our residents,” said Jane Redden, Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager.

“By introducing the restrictions, we are also complying with our Community Strategic Plan to raise awareness of environmentally friendly practices such as recycling and water conservation.”

“We can all help to conserve the supplies that we have by cutting back on our water use wherever possible,” she said.

Level 3 Water Restrictions are as follows:


Watering of lawns and gardens Use of micro sprays, drip systems and soaker hoses limited to: 6am - 9am and 6pm - 9pm. Every second day in accordance with the odds and evens scheme. Hand held hoses not permitted
Washing down of paved/concrete surfaces These surfaces are not to be washed down during waterrestrictions, except if a spill poses a health or safety hazard
Irrigation of New Turf Permitted for one week after laying, after which Level 3 water restrictions on watering lawns apply.
Private Swimming Pools and Spas Pools may be topped up with a hand held hose but only between 7am-9am and 6pm-8pm any day. All poolsmust have a cover that is being used.
First Fill of Private Swimming Pools Only with Council permission and provided that a pool cover is used.
Car Washing With a bucket only on lawn. Only permitted between 9am-12pm any day.
Washing of Clothes Residents to be encouraged to wash only in full loads.
Shower/Baths Permitted
Use of Evap Coolers Permitted
Inflatable/Temporary Children’s Pools Permitted


Residents who have any questions regarding the above matters are invited to contact Doug Moorby at Council on 02 6889 9999 or via email at mail@narromine.nsw.gov.au.


Image: A table explaining the Level 3 water restrictions.