CCTV Cameras Installed in Narromine March 2019

Narromine Shire Council and local police welcome the installation of 6 new CCTV cameras in Narromine’s CBD.

The new high-definition CCTV cameras have been installed to reduce crime through the provision of Community infrastructure which supports improved community safety, security and confidence in public places.

Council’s General Manager, Jane Redden said “The cameras have been strategically placed to provide coverage of the CBD”

“The cameras will provide 24 hour surveillance and will help to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour within the CBD”

“The 24 hour surveillance means there is a much greater chance of capturing crucial footage during Police investigations, with the Police able to access the footage at all times” she said.

Council was awarded $179,088 through the 2018 NSW Community Safety Fund and co-contributed $49,772 to install the CCTV cameras in Narromine’s CBD.

The CCTV camera installed in the Narromine CBD will provide local police with a proactive policing tool to live-view and monitor activities in the CBD and to review footage and identify offenders following reported incidents.


Image; Map of CCTV Camera locations


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