Narromine Shire Council staff save lives through donating blood

Narromine Shire Council has made the Top 10 of the Red 25 Groups for the Dubbo region in 2018, for staff donations to the Red Cross Blood Service. Red 25 is a unique giving program which rallies groups and organisations around Australia to achieve 25 percent of all blood donations needed.

“15 staff from Council have donated blood as part of the Red 25 group, and a total of 50 donations have been made,” said Jane Redden, Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager.

“Each donation saves 3 lives, so Council’s donations have resulted in 150 lives being saved,” said Mrs Redden.

Council’s Health and Wellbeing Committee started the initiative to raise awareness of the importance of donating whole blood and plasma. The Red Cross has identified that in Australia, one blood donation is needed every 24 seconds so community support is crucial. One in three people will need blood in their lifetime and currently one in 30 Australians donate blood.

“Thank you to the Council staff who have donated to this great cause and a particular thank you to the Health and Wellbeing Committee,” said Mrs Redden.

“The Committee are very proactive in improving the health and wellbeing of staff, whilst also contributing to our local community.”

“This is a wonderful example of our local community working together for a great cause.”

Within the Narromine region, there are 2 further groups who regularly donate blood. Narromine Community Group has 7 members and Narromine High School has 13 active members.

Other groups on the Top 10 Red 25 list for 2018 include NSW Police, Taronga Western Plains Zoo and Charles Sturt University.


Image: Billy the Blood Drop, the Red Cross Blood Service mascot. Image supplied by Red Cross Blood Service.