Public Service Announcement

PSA - RMS to Undertake Works on Mitchell Highway, Narromine, Commencing February 12 2018269 KB


Level 2 Water Restrictions will continue until further notice in Narromine only in accordance with the odds and evens scheme as per below.

Watering of lawns and gardens Use of Sprinkler system limited to: 6am - 9am and 7pm - 10pm. In accordance with the odds and evens scheme. Hand heldhoses and buckets at any time.
Washing down of paved/concrete surfaces These surfaces are not to be washed down during waterrestrictions.
Swimming Pools  Pools may be topped up with a hand held hose and all poolsmust have a cover that is being used.
Car Washing  Must use a bucket with a trigger hose to rinse off the vehicle.
Home Extensions/ Landscaping  Only trigger hoses are to be used during these works.
Washing of Clothes  Residents to be encouraged to wash only in full loads.
Shower/Baths N/A
Use of Evap Coolers N/A
Fountains and Ponds All fountains to be turned off. Ponds may continue to be topped up.

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Council wishes to advise that the submission period for the draft Narromine Land Use Strategy Update Focusing on Large Lot (‘Rural’) Residential has been extended until Friday 16th February 2018. Copies of the Draft Strategy are available at; 

Submissions on the Draft Strategy can be addressed to the General Manager, PO Box 115, Narromine NSW 2821 or emailed to

Closing date for submissions is Friday 16th February 2018.