Road Conditions

Council in conjunction with the State Emergency Services will be monitoring Narromine Shire roads, to ensure your safety. 

Please note, major roads come under the jurisdiction of the Roads and Maritime Services. Please visit LiveTraffic NSW for live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for NSW roads.

This page will be updated as information becomes available. For instant updates please follow us on Twitter or Facebook and push to your mobile device.

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Road Closure - Bulgandramine Bridge63 KB

All unsealed roads within Narromine Shire Open with Caution
Motorists and Residents are asked to observe
Warning Signs in relation to roads that are designated and signposted as 
impassable in wet weather.
Tyrie North Road Remains Closed to all traffic  
Belmont Road  Remains closed to all traffic   
Belowrie Road (at the Momo Road intersection) Open with Caution  
Momo Road Open with Caution  
Peak Hill Railway Road (At Wyanga Road and Tinks Lane) Now Open with Caution                         
Farrendale Road (at "Long Plain") Open with Caution  
Mcnivens Lane Remains closed to all traffic   
Lockwood Road  Remains closed to all traffic   
Heywoods Road Remains closed to all traffic   
Bulgandramine Road at the Bridge  Closed to all traffic with bypass in operation, using traffic lights   
Mungery Hall Road Closed to all traffic   
Narromine to Tullamore Road MR354 The McGrane Way Open with Caution
Tantitha Road

Open with Caution

Pinedene Road Remains Closed to all Traffic  
Dawes Crossing Road Remains Closed to all Traffic at the Bogan River  
Webbs Siding Road Now Open with Caution