Narromine Transplants

Narromine Transplants


Established 1983

"Narromine is an excellent town to carry on our business, with good availability of land water and services"

Narromine Transplants

Narromine Transplants is a containerised nursery situated on the north-eastern side of the Macquarie River. It is a family-owned business specialising in forestry seedlings and cutting grown forestry clones and revegetation seedlings. More recently, the business has entered the retail and commercial markets for fruit trees, blueberries and nut tree production.

The nursery location affords ideal weather conditions for the production of high quality plants, has access to good water and other services and is a major employer of casual labour in the area in the height of the season. Narromine Transplants’ customers are situated in all eastern states, South Australia and Tasmania.

The biggest advantages of being based in Narromine Shire:

The community of Narromine offers us the availability of full-time and casual staff and is a place where our employees like to live and work. We find it an excellent town in which to carry on our business with good availability of land, water and general services. It is our intention to continue expanding on our current two sites as demand increases for our products.

What the operators love about having a business in Narromine Shire:

We find that the town of Narromine, which sits adjacent to the main north-south highway, the Newell, gives us excellent access to clients in four states and we enjoy favourable freight rates. It is also within easy reach of Sydney where we have a number of large retail clients and suppliers of raw materials, with this route also being well serviced for overnight freight.