NDF Ag-Design


Established 2001

"Being in the heart of rural Australia means we are close to the people who use our products."


NDF Ag-Design is a niche manufacturer of farming machinery, thriving in a market dominated by imports. The company makes disc planters that are pulled behind a tractor to plant seeds directly into the soil.

With the Australian market for these machines dominated by mass produced imports, NDF builds and designs its own disc planters, which can be adjusted to minimise soil disturbance and for different sowing depths.

NDF has more than 150 disc planters in the field on farms in all mainland Australian states and employs 20 workers in its Narromine factory.

The biggest advantages of being based in Narromine Shire:

It would have to be the availability and affordability of land to establish the business and the ongoing support of the local business community.

Our skilled workforce, using state-of-the-art machinery allows us to make a lot more components in-house giving us better quality control.

While our location in the heart of rural Australia means we are close to the people who use our products and we can provide back-up and training for our customers.

What you love about having a business in Narromine Shire:

There is nothing better than living in the country. Narromine Shire offers my family and our employees a great place to live and work. It has good services and facilities, a quiet rural environment, excellent real estate options, welcoming communities and an enviable work/life balance – the opportunities are endless.

To stay competitive, we regularly invest in factory upgrades, and with low overheads in Narromine we can afford to do this and keeps jobs in the local community.