National Carp Control Plan

We're coordinating a large program of research and consultation to identify a smart, safe, effective and integrated suite of measures to control carp impacts. A key focus of this process will be to explore the potential use of biocontrol.

Carp (Cyprinus carpio) have been in Australia for over 100 years and are now established in all states and territories, except the Northern Territory. Carp impacts cost Australia about $500 million every year.

Carp completely dominate freshwater fish communities in southeastern Australia – in many areas they comprise over 80% of fish biomass, exceeding 350 kilograms per hectare in some parts of the Murray-Darling Basin.

Carp impacts are felt environmentally, economically and socially. They affect water quality, native fish, fishing and irrigation.

The key impacts of carp are as follows:

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Have you seen carp aggregating (defined as more that 10 carp in a school) in your local waterways? Your help is needed!. A simple online tool CARPMAP has been developed which enables people to contribute informationon when and where carp aggregate easily.