Upcoming Projects & Capital Works

As part of Council's Annual Budget, expenditure related to Council-owned and managed assets is called the Capital Works Program. Projects and work carried out outside of the Capital Works Program are generally funded by Grant Programs.

The Capital Works Program is made up of infrastructure including roads, storm water etc, property, plant and equipment related projects.

The projects are prioritised based on community need and Council's Asset Management Plans.

1. Apex Park Upgrades
2. Cale Oval Upgrades
3. Dappo Road Subdivision
4. Dundas Park Playground Upgrade
5. Narromine Light Industrial Hangars
6. Narromine Wetlands Project
7. Regional Airports Funding Program
8. Resources For Regions Grant
9. 1. Narromine Temporary Water Treatment Plant
10. Swift Park Trangie, Playground Upgrade