Microchipping & Lifetime Registration

The NSW Companion Animals Act 1998, requires all dogs and cats which are born or who change owners after 1 July 1999 will need to be microchipped and registered. The exemption being, if you already owned your cat at this date it is not compulsory.


Lifetime Registration

Lifetime Registration is required by the time the animal is 6 months of age.

Lifetime Registration takes place after you have your dog or cat microchipped and it is paid at any NSW local Council, completed online at www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au , at any Service NSW branch or through a MyService NSW account at www.service.nsw.gov.au . As the name suggests, this is a "one off" payment unlike the old annual tag system previous to 1999.

To register online or through a Council you will need the microchip number. To receive a pensioner or breeder discount you will need to provide documented proof in person at Council. For the desexed discount your vet will need to update the desexed status online to allow you to receive the online discount. Otherwise you can provide the desexing certificate to Council and register in person.

Registration makes sure your pet is provided with all the protection and regulation that the Companion Animals Act and Council can provide. The Act provides Council with a range of powers and responsibilities to ensure companion animals and their owners coexist with other members of the community who chose not to own cats or dogs.


Lifetime Registration Fees 2024/2025

Registration Category
Fee Amount
Dog – Desexed (by relevant age) 
Dog – Desexed (by relevant age eligible pensioner)
Dog – Desexed (sold by pound/shelter)
No Charge
Dog – Not Desexed or Desexed (after relevant age)
Dog – Not Desexed (not recommended) 
Dog – Not Desexed (recognised breeder) 
Dog – Working 
No Charge
Dog – Service of the State
No Charge
Dog – Assistance Animal
No Charge
Cat – Desexed or Not Desexed
Cat – Eligible Pensioner
Cat – Desexed (sold by pound/shelter)
No Charge
Cat – Not Desexed (not recommended)
Cat – Not Desexed (recognised breeder)
Cat - Not Desexed by four months of age$96

Fees are set by the NSW State Government and increase each financial year. 

NOTE: Exemptions exist for trained assistance animals such as seeing eye or hearing dogs and farm working dogs. Greyhounds which are registered with the Greyhound Control Board are covered by separate registration for this period.

Further information regarding microchipping, registration and your responsibilities as a pet owner is available from the Office of Local Government https://www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/dogs-and-cats/responsible-pet-ownership-program


Step 1: Have your animal microchipped by a vet or authorised implanter

Step 2: Complete the Lifetime Registration by

Change of Details

To update your animal’s details (change of owner, change of address or contact information) please complete the attached form and return to Council.You can also update the information online at www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au

Change Of Owner/Details Form