Employment Lands Focus and Strategy

Growth and economic development of the Narromine Shire is a key policy matter for Council. The local community have also identified employment opportunities and business development as an issue of high importance within the Community Strategic Plan 2027. Growth and economic development requires a strategic planning approach, and should specifically target employment generating land uses that also allows for a diversity of industries and value adding of local products.

The Employment Lands Focus and Strategy is tightly aligned with the Narromine Shire Council Economic Development Strategy 2018-2021 which represents a fresh and coordinated approach to improving the economic wellbeing of the Narromine Region, leading to an improved quality of life for residents and an enhanced experience for visitors to the Shire.

Further to this, the strategy brings together information on economic strengths, needs and opportunities in an action plan that supports a cohesive and prosperous business environment for all areas in the Narromine Shire.

Through this, Council has also undertaken a specific review of Industrial Lands and potential growth areas within Narromine and Trangie which has guided the preparation of the Employment Lands Focus and Strategy. This document can be found at appendix A.

The Employment Lands Focus and Strategy will therefore aim to guide future decision making by Council and other stakeholders by:

The focus on Employment Land uses within the Narromine Region specifically targets agriculture, industry, health, commercial and retail areas and has been undertaken to further refine Council’s Objectives from the Economic Development Strategy 2018-2021.

Employment Lands Focus and Strategy