Narromine Animal Shelter and Ranger Information

Council’s Animal Shelter is located on Dandaloo Road, Narromine. The shelter does not have set opening hours therefore, to access the Animal Shelter please call Council on 6889 9999 to organise a suitable time.

The Animal Shelter is under 24hr recorded video surveillance.

Impounded Animals

To arrange the release of your animal from the Narromine Animal Shelter you will need to make an appointment with a Ranger on 6889 9999.

Please note that all impounded animals must be microchipped and registered before being released from the pound.

You will need to provide suitable personal identification such as a driver's licence, and any other appropriate documentation for your animal eg sterilisation certificate, microchipping form.

Once a dog and/or cat has been placed in the surrender cages at the Animal Shelter that dog or cat is deemed to be surrendered/seized and as such in the custody of Council. Unauthorised removal of the animal is an offence under Section 68 Companion Animals Act 1998 and any person found removing an animal without consent may be subject to legal action by way of a $550 penalty notice

Adoption and Rehousing

Council endeavours to rehouse suitable unwanted cats and dogs from the Narromine Animal Shelter. Any person wishing to adopt an animal from the Animal Shelter should contact Council's Senior Ranger on 6889 9999 to make an appointment for an adoption consultation.


If you find you are unable to continue to care for your cat or dog you should make all attempts to rehouse the animal. Council's Senior Ranger can direct you towards assistance.


Any person wishing to register a cat or dog can do so at Council's Customer Service & Payments Centre at 120 Dandaloo St, Narromine between 8.30am and 5.00pm weekdays. You will need to bring the necessary documentation such as microchip details, sterilization certificate, breeder's card or pension card.

After hours

Council's Senior Ranger generally works between 7.30am and 3.30pm weekdays. Rangers do not pick up stray dogs after hours. Stray dogs may be deposited in the deposit pen located at the Narromine Animal Shelter. In the event of an emergency outside these working hours, contact Council's On Call Manager on 6889 9999. Please note call will divert to On Call Manager mobile number or phone NSW Police on 13 14 44.


Council's Senior Ranger handle complaints regarding the following animal issues:

Complaints must be telephoned through to Council's Customer Service Officers on 6889 9999 so they are immediately registered on Council's complaint system and forwarded to the relevant officer for action.


Rangers undertake regular patrols of Narromine and surrounding villages to monitor animal management issues.


Council's Senior Ranger is available to undertake education presentations in relation to companion animals for school and community groups upon request.

Arrangements for presentations need to be made by contacting the Executive Manager Health Building & Environmental Services on 6889 9999 during business hours.