Agricultural Lands Strategy

In 2012, Council engaged GHD to complete the Narromine Agricultural Lands Strategy which was split into two documents, being the Intensive Agriculture Strategy and the Rural Residential Strategy.

Intensive Plant Agriculture Strategy

The Intensive Agriculture Strategy had two main objectives; being

A number of factors were assessed to determine which lands were appropriate for future intensive plant agriculture, including soils, water allocations and availability, farm sizes, climate and capability balanced with environmental sensitivities such as contamination and biodiversity.

This Strategy was completed in 2013 and since this time, Council has inserted a new clause in the Narromine LEP which allows intensive agriculture developments in certain areas within the RU1 Primary Production zone. This has allowed Council’s rural zoned land to be given a new method of allowing a more varied agricultural base and providing guidance with regard to sustainable operations, buffering and limiting land use conflict.

Rural Residential Strategy

The Narromine Shire Rural Residential Strategy was written to give both Council and the community

clear direction and certainty regarding where rural residential land should be located and how much rural residential land should be identified.

The Strategy’s other objectives were to:

The Rural Residential Strategy set out a number of options for future developments for rural residential lands. This Strategy earmarks future tracts of land for rural residential development and prioritises them into short, medium and long term timeframes for development. This Strategy is currently being reviewed by Council and is anticipated for finalisation by December 2016.

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