Auscott Limited


Established 1970

"The Macquarie valley is ideal for cotton production and is regularly the highest yielding cotton area in Australia."


Auscott Limited was founded in 1963 by the JG Boswell Company of California. The company’s first operation was a 2,800 hectare (7,000 acre) property in the Namoi Valley near Narrabri in north-western NSW.

From the Namoi Valley, Auscott expanded into the Macquarie, Gwydir and Murrumbidgee valleys, developing world-class operations with significant infrastructure and highly committed teams.

Today, Auscott is Australia’s largest vertically integrated cotton company and provides services in the ginning, marketing and classing of cotton and cotton seed for cotton farmers around Trangie and Narromine, as well as Forbes and Condobolin districts.

Australia has the biggest cotton yields per hectare in the world. The Auscott Trangie Gin 10 site first ginned cotton in 1970, in Auscott’s fourth gin. In 1999 a modern, high capacity gin was built (the tenth gin built by Auscott) - hence the name Gin 10.

The biggest advantage of being based in Narromine Shire:

What you love about having a business in Narromine Shire:

The liveability of the shire makes it a very attractive option for our employees and their families. The communities offer affordable housing, quality educational facilities, modern medical services, fresh air and a relaxed lifestyle. We are fortunate to be supported by a strong network of businesses and services that make doing business in the valley easy. It is a community with a “can do” attitude.