Open Burning

Narromine Shire Council wishes to advise that under Schedule 8 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 that all burning of any material is prohibited within the Narromine Shire except with approval.

Please note;

Considering the potential impact on not only the amenity of the immediate neighbours, the community as a whole and on the environment, it should be noted that Council is unlikely to approve any application to allow for an open burning (burning off) to occur particularly within the boundaries of the towns or villages within the Narromine Shire.

All enquiries in regard burning-off in town and/or village areas should be directed to Health, Building and Environmental Services Unit on 02 6889 9999. All enquiries in regard to areas outside the township & village areas (rural) should be directed to the Orana Office of NSW Rural Fire Services on 6881 3900.