Caring For Cats

Caring For Your Cat

Just like dogs, cat breeds have their own unique temperaments so when thinking about getting a cat, it is important to investigate the breed and whether or not it will fit into your lifestyle.

Consider the following before purchasing a cat:

If you need more advice or would like to adopt a cat from the Narromine Shelter you can contact Council's Senior Ranger on 02 6889 9999.

Being a Responsible Cat Owner

Cats have a reputation for being independent, but they still need care and discipline for their own health and safety. As a responsible cat owner you should:

Nuisance Cat Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding your neighbour's cat, the following steps are recommended:

How Does Council Deal With a Nuisance Cat Complaint?

Council takes the following steps after receiving a complaint about a nuisance cat:

Caring for Cats