Water Supply Networks

There are 3 water supply networks in the Narromine Shire. Narromine and Trangie's drinking water is sourced from a range of bores whereas Tomingley's water is a non-drinking service.

Monitoring Water Quality

Council has a comprehensive monitoring and testing program to ensure the safety of the drinking water. Regular water samples are collected and tested from water sources, treatment plants and pipe networks. These tests look at microbiological and chemical levels that can affect customers’ health, as well as aesthetic quality levels that can affect the taste and colour of water.

Water Discolouration

Due to the ongoing drought and high water usage, occasionally an increased amount of particles will cause discolouration (usually brown or yellow) in the town water supply. Residents may find that items of their clothing are discoloured due to washing. The staining of your laundry from discoloured water is due to particles of sediment lodged in the fabric. The stain usually only becomes permanent if the laundry is allowed to dry. It is therefore essential to keep stained laundry immersed in water.

Council is providing Cleaning Kits to those that have stained clothing due to discoloured water. To collect your cleaning kit, visit Council.

Water that is milky or white in colour is the result of small air bubbles within the water. This is usually caused by air becoming trapped in the pipes after repair work to water mains. This water is harmless and left in a container on the bench, the air will quickly dissipate and the water will become clear.

For more information on water discolouration download the factsheets below.

Water Discolouration
Water discolouration - How to remove stains from your laundry