Overgrown Vegetation

Overgrown Vegetation

What constitutes an overgrown property?

An overgrown property may be vacant, residential or commercial land which, in the opinion of an authorised Council Officer, may be:

* Likely to be a breeding place or harbourage for vermin because of grass, weeds, plants or other vegetable growth in large quantities.

* A fire hazard.

What do I do if I have a concern?

If you have a concern please contact Narromine Shire Council on (02) 6889 9999 to lodge a customer service request.

What action does Council take?

A Council officer will conduct an inspection to determine if the property is overgrown. If the officer deems the property to be overgrown a Notice may be served on the owner or occupier. This notice will require the owner or occupier to carry out works to clear and remove the vegetation to Council's satisfaction.

What happens in the event of non-compliance?

If the owner or occupier does not clear the land within the time frame specified on the Notice, Council may issue a Penalty Infringement Notice.

What happens if I receive a Notice?

If you receive a Notice, you will be required to carry out all work within the time specified in the Notice. You can contact the officer who inspected your property and advise them on your proposed course of action.