Water Saving Handy Tips

Saving Water Tips

Residents are being encouraged to be water wise to assist in reducing water wastage. Below are some handy hints in being water wise:

General Household Tips

Due to the ongoing drought and high water usage, occasionally an increased amount of particles will cause discolouration in the town water supply. Residents may find that items of their clothing are discoloured due to washing. The staining of your laundry from discoloured water is due to particles of sediment lodged in the fabric. The stain usually only becomes permanent if the laundry is allowed to dry. It is therefore essential to keep stained laundry immersed in water.

Bathroom Tips

Tips for washing cars


Use a broom, brush or rake to sweep and clean outdoor paths and paving instead of hosing them down with water.

Garden Water wise practices

There are four key things to remember about reducing water use:

Here are a few simple but very effective tips:

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Water Saving Handy Tips
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