Welcome to Narromine Shire

Welcome to the Narromine Shire, situated in the heart of the rich Macquarie Valley in central west New South Wales. We are a Shire that is continuing to develop, prosper and grow towards its full potential. Agriculture has long been a mainstay and Narromine Shire is known for its sheep, cattle and wool production, as well as broadacre cereal crops. Cotton production has increased in recent years. Major commercial nurseries and research facilities at Narromine support the national forestry and vegetable industries and the Trangie Research Centre is one of the largest broadacre agricultural research centres in Australia. Significant mineral resources have been discovered near Tomingley in the south of the Shire with Alkane Resources Limited providing significant employment opportunities.

In order to take advantage of the strong agribusiness in the Shire, our transport links, closeness to Dubbo and the emergence of mining, Council is working collaboratively with other stakeholders to attract industry, generate jobs and grow our population. The potential for development is high as reflected by recent interest in industrial and residential land and the expansion of the Skypark residential development. The proposed Inland Rail route will come through our Shire close to Narromine providing further economic opportunities in the future. Narromine Shire’s close proximity to Dubbo Airport ensures that the business sector and residents maintain strong links to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle.

Many long term local businesses, along with those who have more recently made the move to the region, are enjoying the benefits of working in the Narromine area. They realise that business can be equally, if not more successful in a regional setting, and are tapping into a skilled and experienced local workforce, engaging locally-based support services, part of a strong community and doing all of this just a short 55 - minute flight from Sydney.

Narromine Shire is increasingly becoming a highly desirable destination for people seeking the best of both worlds, a rural lifestyle with easy access to the services and facilities of a regional city on our doorstep.

Accessible educational facilities, beautiful river and recreational areas, abundant sporting facilities, a diverse events calendar and warm country hospitality all contribute to our exceptional lifestyle.

Businesses, investors, residents and visitors are offered unique opportunities for work, leisure and business development, so we invite you to consider doing business in the Narromine Shire, you’ll never look back...