Water Restrictions

Level 3 Water Restrictions have been implemented in Narromine only.  With the increase in water consumption and predicted hot weather for the next couple of weeks, Council has increased its Water Restrictions for Narromine to Level 3 on midnight, 2 January 2019 until further notice.  Water levels in Council bores do not recover sufficiently due the below average rain received over recent years. As a result of this, the yield of Council bores have decreased and therefore cannot sustain the current demands placed on the Narromine drinking water system.  Clause 137 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 allows for restrictions to be imposed if Council deems it necessary.  Water restrictions apply to all water users in Narromine, including residents, visitors and businesses who receive water from Council’s pressurised reticulation network. 

No water restrictions are in place for Trangie and Tomingley, or if you have your own water supply source such as a rainwater tank, etc.  Council urges residents to adhere to these restrictions and to conserve water.  Level 3 Water Restrictions are as follows:

Watering of lawns and gardens Use of micro sprays, drip systems and soaker hoses limited to: 6am - 9am and 6pm - 9pm. Every second day in accordance with the odds and evens scheme. Hand held hoses are not permitted.
Washing down of paved/concrete surfaces These surfaces are not to be washed down during water restrictions, except if a spill poses a health or safety hazard.
Irrigation of New Turf Permitted for one week after laying, after which Level 3 water restrictions on watering lawns apply.

Private Swimming Pools and Spas

Pools may be topped up with a hand held hose but only between 7am-9am and 6pm-8pm any day. All pools must have a cover that is being used.  
First Fill of Private Swimming Pools Only with Council permission and provided that a pool cover is used.
Car Washing With a bucket only on lawn. Only permitted between 9am-12pm any day. 
Washing of Clothes Residents to be encouraged to wash only in full loads. 
Shower/Baths Permitted 
Use of Evap Coolers Permitted
Inflatable/Tempoary Children's Pools





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