Home-based Food Business

Home-based food business which sell directly to the final customer (e.g. from the premises or from a market/school canteen, etc), are the legislative responsibility of council.

Like all food businesses, those based at home must meet the same food legislative requirements as other retail food businesses and comply with the relevant parts of the Food Standard's Code.

It is the responsibility of the business to notify the local council of their business and food activity details.

If your home-based businesses does not retail food direct to the customer (i.e. they only sell to other businesses such as a cafe, supermarket or restaurant to on-sell), then you need to notify the NSW Food Authority of their business and food activity details. www.foodnotify.nsw.gov.au.

Please note a food business is any food preparation, food storage or food distribution activity which handles food for sale, including not-for profit organisations offering in-kind rewards.

For more information please refer to Home-based food business fact sheet.

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