Scores on Doors

Scores on Doors is a food safety grading system for food outlets. The program informs customers about the standard of food safety in food businesses. When a customer enters a Scores on Doors business, they'll see a certificate showing the grade received, displayed at each entrance. Information cards will also be available for customers to explain what the grades mean.

Scores based on inspection results

After businesses sign up, they will be visited by an officer from the local council for an unannounced inspection. Inspectors assign scores against criteria based on food safety legislation and a standard inspection sheet. The scores determined which grade the outlet receives. Businesses have to display their grade, no matter what it is. Grades must be displayed at all entrances to the premises.

Food safety scores:


The business can be proud of this accomplishment. It achieved the highest level of food safety standards. The only issues (if any) might include:
  • Administrative issues such as failing to notify food business details
  • A minor, isolated temperature control issue
  • A maintenance issue with no direct impact on food safety
  • A minor, isolated cleaning issue


The business has good food safety practices. Some minor areas where standards were not met will need to be addressed. An accumulation of minor issues, for example:
  • Improper food storage practices where no direct food safety risk has been observed, such as uncovered food in storage


The business has an acceptable standard of food safety performance. A number of areas, although not serious, need to be corrected. An accumulation of breaches within the premises such as:
  • An accumulation of areas requiring cleaning
  • An accumulation of breaches that have not resulted in the production of unsafe food, for example some uncovered product in storage, a number of minor temperature control issues within the business, and some maintenance issues


The business did not achieve an acceptable level of food safety performance in a number of areas. The business will be inspected again to ensure the problems are rectified. Breaches that generally have been linked to food borne illness. Examples include:
  • Poor hand washing behaviour, particularly by food handlers who are ill
  • Widespread cleaning, pest control and temperature control breaches within the food business