Inflatable Swimming Pools

During the hot Summer months there is a large increase in the number of inflatable swimming pools in the Narromine Shire. A high percentage of these pools can be easily seen and accessed from both public and private properties.

Council has concerns with the ease of access to these swimming pools and more importantly, the non compliance of Child Resistant Barriers surrounding these inflatable swimming pools.

Do inflatable swimming pools need fencing?

The Swimming Pools Act 1992, states that a swimming pool which is capable of being filled to a depth of 300mm or more, MUST be surrounded by a Child Resistant Barrier.

Swimming pool safety is an issue that Council does not take lightly and council officers will be doing their utmost to ensure compliance with the Act and Regulations to prevent a drowning tragedy occurring in the future.

Council reminds residents of the Narromine Shire that copies of its Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Policy and check lists are available from the Council Chambers and that before purchasing any swimming pool to check with Council to ensure compliance with Regulations.

If a child is in or around water, it is important that they be SUPERVISED at all times.