Levee Bank Timeline

The timeline on the Narromine Levee Bank is as per below.

2009 Floodplain Risk Management Plan and Study finalised. Recommendation from this to investigate feasibility of augmenting Narromine Levee
2010 Flood in December. Necessary to review the 1% height
2011 Flood Levee Bank Committee formed
2013 Community Consultation
2017 Peer review

Where to from now?

  • Decide on an alignment (completed)
  • Community Consultation (completed)
  • Receipt of submission
  • Finalise the feasibility study
  • Final feasibility study presented to Council for final determination

Review of the Narromine Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

Narromine Shire Council engaged consultants to undertake a review of the Narromine Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan which was prepared for the township in 2009.The purpose of the review was to assist Council in refining strategic plans for mitigating and managing the effects of existing flood risk (associated with existing development on flood prone land), future flood risk (associated with any new development on flood prone land) and continuing flood risk (the risk remaining in both existing and future development areas after floodplain risk management measures are implemented).


A Feasibility Study is underway. It is anticipated that community consultation and engagement is to commence in August 2023.