Narromine now has a return and earn facility

The long-awaited Return and Earn-Reverse Vending Machine will begin operation in Narromine on 27 June 2023.

The facility is located just past the main entrance to the Narromine Waste Management Facility located on Gainsborough Road. 

This new machine will provide residents with greater access and convenience when recycling drink containers, helping the environment and being rewarded for their effort to recycle.

Users of the facility are able to print a voucher for the refund amount which is then redeemable, or choose a payment into a bank account or users are able to donate the refund amount to a charity listed on the Return and Earn app. The vouchers dispensed by the machine can be redeemed at Coles Supermarkets.

Residents should download the Return and Earn App onto a smartphone to determine the opening hours and which recyclables are open or full before going to the site to use the machine.

For the time being, there will be no rubbish bins located at this site and it is requested that all users of the facility assist in keeping the area clean and tidy by taking any rubbish or unrecyclable items away with them.

Over the coming days and weeks, there may be congestion at the Return and Earn site during hours of operation, as many people have collected recyclables over a period of time and will be eager to utilise the Return and Earn facility.

Please remember that not all containers are eligible for a refund, and containers must be EMPTY, UNCRUSHED, UNBROKEN AND HAVE THE ORIGINAL LABEL ATTACHED. 

All information about the scheme including type of containers that are eligible for the refund, the location of other collection points, and how to collect a refund can be found on the Return and Earn website at 

TOMRA-Cleanaway operates a hotline for queries, complaints or feedback about collection points. The Hotline number is 1800 290 691 or email



Media Contact: Narromine Shire Council, General Manager, Jane Redden  T: 0407 438 422

Photograph: Narromine Shire Council Mayor, Clr Craig Davies at Narromine’s Return and Earn facility.