Domestic Noise Pollution

Domestic Noise Pollution

Narromine Shire Council is reminding all residents about domestic noise pollution.

Noise can be any kind of offensive noise including power tools and equipment, lawn mowers, animals, music, domestic air-conditions and motor vehicles.

Narromine Shire Council General Manager Jane Redden said, ‘Council often receives complaints in respect to noise in residential areas, there are restrictions on domestic noise and the times during which special restrictions apply.’ 

For instance lawn mowers, power tools and chainsaws are restricted for use between the hours of 7.00 am and 8.00 pm during the week and after 8.00 am on Sundays and public holidays.

Ms Redden reminds all residents to consider their level of noise and the impact on neighbours.

Councils have a duty under the Protection of Environment Operations Act to serve various notices on people occupying homes and businesses, requiring them to control offensive noise, she added.

A full list of noise restrictions is available on Narromine Shire Council’s webpage



Media Contact: Narromine Shire Council, General Manager, Jane Redden
 T: 0407 438 422