Macquarie River is restocked with native fingerlings

The release of approximately 12,000 native fingerlings took place along various locations of the Macquarie River at Narromine on Tuesday 31 January 2023.

This release is part of a ‘Dollar for Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program’ between Narromine Shire Council, Macquarie Cotton Growers Association and NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager, Mrs Jane Redden said “Council has participated in the restocking program for over 24 years and 210,000 native fingerlings have been released during this time, today we released Golden Perch and Murray Cod.”

It is estimated that it takes around three to four years for the fingerlings to reach maturity. Narromine Shire Council together with Macquarie Cotton Growers Association have been working towards maintaining a balanced river ecosystem, it really is important to maintain fish numbers and improve our threatened freshwater species, said Mrs Redden. 

NSW DPI’s Dollar for Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program is recognised for its significance in terms of improving future conservation and recreational fishing outcomes in the Macquarie River, she added.


Media Contact: Narromine Shire Council, General Manager, Jane Redden 
 T: 0407 438 422