Managing Future Droughts together

Narromine Shire Council and Dubbo Regional Council are pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative project aimed at gathering valuable insights from our communities to develop a Drought Resilience Plan. 

This plan is designed to bolster community resilience during drought periods and establish a proactive approach to managing drought events both in the short and long term.

Narromine Shire Council Mayor Clr Craig Davies emphasised the importance of community participation, stating, "Everyone in the Narromine Local Government area is encouraged to complete the survey. This is not just for farmers; it's an all-inclusive effort to gather the best possible information. The impact of drought affects us all."

The initiative was made possible thanks to a successful grant application, a joint effort between Dubbo Regional Council and Narromine Shire Council, which secured $200,000 from the Regional Drought Resilience Planning (RDRP) Round 2 Grant.

“The Program requires Councils to work at a regional scale, encouraging us to think about drought resilience beyond water security, considering environmental and social resilience needs,” added Mayor Davies.

Narromine and Dubbo Councils have appointed independent consultants to help carry out community engagement activities. These activities are designed to be inclusive, accessible, and reflective of our diverse communities, ensuring that the insights gathered will inform the effective development and implementation of the Drought Resilience Plan.

Narromine Shire Council will host a community drop-in session in Trangie on Thursday, 30th May at Café 2823. All business owners, landholders, and interested members of the wider community are encouraged to call in and share their experiences and insights with the engagement team between 10:00 am and midday.

Both councils are also running a broad social media campaign to raise awareness about the Drought Resilience Plan among many stakeholders.

To find out more and complete the online survey, visit: