Narromine Shire Council cracks a top award

Narromine Shire Council’s Water Utilities skilled plumbers have cracked the 2022 NSW Water Industry Operators Association (WIOA) Water Mains Tapping Timed Race against other councils across the state.

Council’s team of two, Anthony Everett and Duane Donnelly splashed all of the other NSW council contenders out of the race as they competed against the clock to insert a water connection into a live water main, in a record time of 4 minutes 23 seconds.

Anthony and Duane have received a very impressive trophy and have had the opportunity to nominate a charity that will  receive a donation from the sponsors. The team have chosen Narromine Cancer Support Group and a formal presentation to the charity will be made in coming weeks.

General Manager, Narromine Shire Council, Mrs Jane Redden said, ‘Council was thrilled to learn of the Water Utilities Team’s success at the 2022 WIOA State Conference. Council’s water and sewer infrastructure is one of the most important services that Council provides.’ 

Council acknowledges this fabulous achievement and the daily work the Water Utilities team provides in delivering a safe and reliable water supply to the urban areas of our communities, added Mrs Redden.

The 2022 WIOA NSW Conference was held in Tamworth last week.



Media Contact: Narromine Shire Council, General Manager, Jane Redden
 T: 0407 438 422