Narromine Shire Council secures $828K to fund crucial flood repairs

Narromine Shire Council has secured $828,000 in funding from the NSW and Australian Governments Capital Assets Program (CAP) to support flood repairs in the aftermath of the 2022 flood events. 

The Narromine region experienced some of the most significant rainfall and flooding events in its history in 2022, resulting in damage to community infrastructure.

General Manager, Narromine Shire Council’ General Manager, Mrs Jane Redden said, “The $828,000 in funding comes from the Capital Assets Program, which will be used for specific repair projects in the community.”

“This includes repairing roof damage and internal water damage at the Narromine Sports and Fitness Centre. Additionally, repairs will be carried out at Narromine's Rotary Park seating and BBQ areas.”

“There will also be refurbishment work done at Mungery Hall, focusing on internal areas, furniture, plumbing, and fencing that were severely impacted by water inundation during most of 2022.”

This funding represents a positive step towards rebuilding and enhancing the community's infrastructure and ensuring its continued well-being in the face of future challenges, added Mrs Redden.

The projects funded by this program are expected to be completed in the near future, which is good news for the local community.



Media Contact: Narromine Shire Council, General Manager, Mrs Jane Redden T: 0407438 422