The world to take wing in the Narromine Sky

Narromine Aerodrome will host the 37th World Gliding Championships to held from 28 November to 16 December 2023.

“Twenty-six countries will soar into Narromine for just over three weeks of gliding action high above the Narromine region.

This event will be a huge boost to the Narromine region’s tourist economy as glider pilots, international tourists, support crews and spectators will be visiting and staying in the Narromine region,” said Clr Craig Davies, Mayor Narromine Shire Council.

Narromine Gliding Club’s President Beryl Harley said,” The Club is really excited to host the gilding competition later in the year” 

The Club has successfully secured funding from Destination NSW to assist with hosting and promoting the World Championships.

Clr Davies added, Narromine experiences perfect weather and thermals during the summer period, we have no airspace restrictions and have first-class aerodrome facilities combined with an accommodating and supportive community - it is no wonder that Narromine is the gliding capital of Australia. 

Information about the 2023 World Gliding Championships can be found at:


Photograph: Pilot Adam Woolley on his way to win the Pre-World Gliding Championships in March 2023 at Narromine Aerodrome. Adam will represent Australia in Narromine this coming December.