Water Reticulation Maintenance - Narromine only

Narromine Shire Council is undertaking necessary reservoir and network maintenance on its drinking water distribution network in Narromine. This may cause temporary water discolouration in Narromine only.

Water in the network becomes discoloured (usually brown or yellow) when natural sediments (mostly iron and manganese) in the pipes are stirred up through a change in pressure or flow. Changes in supply sources, due to falling aquifer levels and the use of different and deeper bores can also lead to these elements appearing in the system.

Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager Jane Redden said “the reservoir and network maintenance are essential and are part of our scheduled maintenance program”

“The water, although discoloured and sometimes unsightly, are harmless to health and the water is safe to drink which Council is continuing to monitor”

“We acknowledge the impact on affected customers and apologise for the inconvenience” she said.

Council is supplying Cleaning Kits to assist in removing stains from laundry due to discoloured water. Residents can collect the kits from Council.

“The staining of your laundry from discoloured water is due to particles of sediment lodged in the fabric” Mrs Redden said

“The stain usually only becomes permanent if the laundry is allowed to dry. It is therefore essential to keep stained laundry immersed in water”

If customers are concerned about discoloured drinking water, or are experiencing discoloured drinking water, please contact Council on 6889 9999.

More information about water discolouration can be found here

Media Contact:

Narromine Shire Council, General Manager, Jane Redden T: 0407 438 422